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Eleanthi Mintsiou
Architect(Dipl Arch,MArch)

Eleanthi graduated from Architecture School of Greenwich University of London,UK and she completed her postgraduate studies in sustainable-emergency architecture at the Department of Architecture of the University of Nicosia,CY.

She established her own architectural practice in Thessaloniki under the architectural firm, URBAN FLOW-ARCHITECTURE STUDIO.

She participated in various workshops, conferences and international competitions receiving significant awards. She collaborated with well-known architects,engineers and other professionals undertaking projects of different scales across a diverse sectors from residential and commercial design to hospitality, food & beverage, healthcare, leisure and retail building sectors all over Greece and abroad.

Research interestsShe is interested in exploring invisible flows in the ambient space and how that come in a dialogue with the diverse architectural features that can be defined by site geometric forms, lights and shadows, solids and voids, public and private zones, material features and nature environment.

It is a challenge for her the interpretation of the immaterial aspect of architecture and how senses associated with smell and touch could enrich the User's perception of a space through the aspect of memory.

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Working with our clients at an individual level, we deliver a unique design concept appropriate to the context of the site and the aspirations of each project, derived from research and study on tradition, enlightened by contemporary life and enriched by materiality.

Our goal is to create crafted design applied on projects which have positive cultural, social and environmental impact and bring into life your vision.

Our process

  • Stage A - Briefing

    • A clear presentation of the client vision. Site visit and analysis. Needs, challenges and opportunities presented by the project.

  • Stage B - Concept

    • Study of architectural features & requirements, creation of diagrams and sketches, develempment of the design concept.

  • Stage C - Detailed Design

    • Fully developed proposal, 2D drawings, 3D renders, construction drawings, booklet delivery.

  • Stage D - Construction Project Management

    • Our team is tasked with the planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervision of the construction project.

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“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”
Leonardo Da Vinci


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